Brigham Cooper '24

It’s 6AM

I rise with the sun

The sun rises with me


It’s 6AM

I step downward onto the floor

I pick my head up

I check my phone


It’s 6AM

I check the weather

It shall be clouds

Gray blocks the light

Of the sun, which I might use

Another day to rise


It’s 6AM

I hear the ring

The ring in my ear

I toss and turn, side to side

On a horizontal plane

Which the sun has already risen above

I am behind schedule


It’s 6PM

The sun has fallen

I have risen and I remain

I work, I toil, I put off that work until

The sun rises again

For I have missed it so


It’s 10PM

The sun is long gone

My head rises

My thoughts are black like the night sky

I rise to the occasion

I have a conversation with my thoughts

They are gone

They are gone

They are gone


It’s 2AM

The moon is high

My thoughts are low

My posture is low

My body drapes over my desk

Longing for a fall

Longing for a reset button to be pushed

Pleading for the sun to be reborn once again

Calm down, calm down, my heavy head

Your wishes are met

I’ll toil in the morn instead


It’s 6AM

The sun rises without me

I cannot rise, for I couldn’t fall before

It was too late

Art by Jia Yi (Jenny) Pan '22