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Anusha Satheesh '23

     I. Kitty 

Far away in the burlesque woods, a tiger grows into a small cat. 

A man hops off of his bicycle and hopes to feed this cat to his children. His children are starving,  and have grown very fat.

The then tiger, now cat, wanders towards the man. Hoping for an explanation,

the cat begins to ask the man 

why the tiger has become a cat. The man hears the cat’s question, but kills and eats him anyway. What good is a tiger that has now become a curious cat? 

      II. Mousey 

At the center of the earth, 

a small mouse begs dead fish for bread. 

At his conception, a drag queen 

cursed his father so that the small mouse may only ever eat bread. 

The mouse’s father was so horrified that he scurried away, leaving the center of the earth, in an

attempt to learn how to bake bread 

He was never heard from again, and the small mouse grew up alone. 

One day, 

when the small mouse asks for bread, he is gifted a cookie. 

He eats this cookie, and then asks for milk. 

The mouse’s father returned one night, only to kill the mouse and put him out of his misery. He  returned with a knife and the stomachs of children who ate a cat. 

      III. Sheepy 

Born nearby a troll infested bridge, three black sheep were abandoned. 


Their mother’s beauty enchanted the entire village. 

The townspeople prayed and prayed for her, hoping that she would only create beautiful children            who would repopulate their village with so much beauty, that it would attract the Gods. 

On one of her walks towards the wizen wishing well, the path of yellow bricks began twisting into horrific forms. 

A woman whose head was cut off, a spider whose legs were being pulled apart, and a crying 

 baby, of which only the girl could see. 

She skipped along, unfazed, and with a smile on her face. For her beauty was pain, was it not?

The wizen wishing well whispered towards the Gods, and the beautiful girl fell pregnant with 

three uniquely beautiful babies, all of whom were destined to create more beauty amongst  themselves 

However, the beautiful girl felt her beauty fade as she grew more pregnant. The townspeople no  longer fell to their bare feet at the sight of her. 

Her newfound self-pity turned her womb into a farm. 

Three black sheep, all still uniquely beautiful, grew inside of her.


She ran into the burlesque woods, hitched up her skirt, 

and ripped out the three bleating sheep. 

The pain of birth 

was nothing compared to the horrific sight of animals. She cried so much that her eyes fell out of  her tongue, and she wandered towards the nearest river to die. 

As the three sheep awoke, they walked towards this river, and drank the body of their mother. Soon they would be known as the incestuos black sheep 

who sold their wool to little boys, 

and murdered mouses from the center of the earth to masters, and bottled bodies of children who  once ate cats to dames. 

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