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deep inside

Jason Chen '24

he harks as if the mockingbirds sing secrets untold

he reads as if the stories span a hundred years old

with steady fingertips, with the brightest ever smile,

mister wisdom sets out to paint the seas in blue!

he touches the piano like each key is a new color
he welcomes lifeless winter like the trees never get duller

and i watch him live a life worth every single while,

knowing all my favorite similes of his are true.

(deep inside) he knows that heroes aren’t real

(deep inside) he knows that legos can’t feel
(deep inside) is a truth that he would die to defend

she speaks as if the mysteries sound better unknown

she runs as if the aspirations nourish her bones
with justice on her lips, with the boldest ever style,

miss bravery sets out to paint the skies in red!

she learns by heart the planets like they orbit round her soul

she revels in her laughter like forgiveness makes her whole

and i watch her live a life worth another extra mile,

knowing all my thoughts are harbored by the tears she shed.

(deep inside) she knows that cartoons aren’t real

(deep inside) she knows stuffed animals can’t feel

(deep inside) is a promise she will keep until the end

i reach within myself for something real to hold

deep inside is me hiding at four years old

patiently awaiting all my kindergarten friends
to tell me that it’s long past time for play pretend

Art by Gillian Grant '23

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