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stitched in stone

Jason Chen '24

pen and paper  

something to say 

carving life into a picture  

love and heartbreak  

sanguinary day  

memories clot into fixture


were you sitting at your bedroom desk?  

   praying for blind inspiration  

storm in your brain, rain from your eyes

   flooding a blank conversation  

write as repentance, draw for acceptance

   four thirty real definitions  

a fairytale, maybe, to close all their eyes

   to open their ears and listen  

for 100 years had the Earth been turning

for 100 years have humans been learning

for 100 years will projects be torn to shreds

for 100 years had sin been forgiven

for 100 years have you made your decision

for 100 years will i do it all over again  

pen and paper  

something to say  

pattern of lines stitched in stone  

wood and fabric  

a garden of clay  

nobody ever breathes alone

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