Katharine Brush Flash Fiction Contest Gold Medal Winners

Freya Rich '21

by Sophie Durbin '20

The girl didn’t quite remember her old name. She supposed it wasn’t of much consequence now.

by Alli Benthien ’23

There are dreams of a future hanging on his hooks and sitting on his bookshelves, the ones he holds onto, the ones that give him purpose.

Chinelo Osakwe ’23

When I read poems like this, they remind me why I am in this box, why I am this one-shape, austere, vibrant collection of four corners.

by Nicole Ramenda '21

Perhaps, instead, they were neglected, growing into each other, creating a warped, Daliesque landscape, where everything could twist and stretch in impossible ways.

by Grace Keller '20

This is my favorite part: the car ride. It’s the same every morning, but it’s always different.

by Sal Katz '23

She was a quiet woman, never one to laugh or cry. An impassive bookworm, she was once called by her colleague.