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Memento Mori

Eric Sun '23

On that night, in that Subaru,

I drove, and we were laughing about


something unimportant. Your mother’s villa was

only a couple miles away.


Then I felt something foul, which I halfheartedly dismissed.

It’s nothing, I told myself, I am happy.


Foolish conceit. It grew and swole, then began to

throb and ring deafeningly within my skull. I wanted to


take a jackhammer and

sunder the mounting strain beneath my scalp.


I violently trembled. Its filthy grip choked my

voiceless breath, too shallow for feral screams.


Something else: dark, gnarled, primal,

became me.


I wanted to taste the iron in blood, to feel alive, as if for the

last two years I had lived only through wretched lies.


Before you could ask what was wrong, I

had already been possessed.


Crossing the yellow lines, metal on metal makes

such a horrible sound, a jarring screech—and just like that—


the maw clasped; all became black.

Art by Sofia Mansilla '23

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