Nature's Succession

Anna Lee Geoghan '24

Leaves begin to fall, 

Shades of amber, gold, and brown 

Crunching under our bare feet,  

Breath clouding the air. 

Playing with friends 

Whose names are locked 

In memories long forgotten. 

We stand together, 

At the water's edge, 

Eyes full of wonder, 

Hearts full of hope, 

For all the joy  

Our futures might hold.  


Snow blankets the ground 

Footsteps begin to fade. 

Apple cider is replaced by hot cocoa 

Held close to faces,  

Cupped palms and bright eyes.  

People who we thought would stay still, 

Like rocks sticking up above ocean waves 

Transform into driftwood 





The snow begins to melt, 

Beneath all the darkness and sorrow, 

New life may grow.  

The tide comes back in, 

And my old pieces of driftwood might be gone, 

But it's alright 

Because who even needed them anyway? 

There are new people,  

New friends,  

New names, 

Sitting in memories at the forefront of my mind.  


When the summer sun shines,  

And the trees are covered in green, 

I stand with the water again. 

My eyes--a little dimmer, 

My heart--a little quieter, 

But that’s all ok, 

Because as I stand here, 

Soaking up the ocean breeze, 

I am joined- not by the people who I started with, 

But with the ones who trickled into my life, 

Little by little, 

Drip by drip, 

Until I stand, 

Surrounded again

Art by Jia Yi (Jenny) Pan '22