ode to dandelion

Jason Chen '24

picked you up, sent you off,

a wish, my only thought.

flowers like you everywhere,

i blew the ones i caught.


frail seeds of fantasy,

gliding through the sky.

in hopes that some where and how,

someone would comply.


years after, now, it hurts,

aching for a wish.

fields are marred by broken dreams,

trampled, torn, and squished.


so as i watch you float

to this renowned heaven,

i feel you breaking, shaking

my ever-flaking presence.


and finally i realized

about you, dandelion.

you just kept on flyin,

while i trusted you were tryin.


you liar, my desire,

you promised me bliss.

just so i would set you free,

feel your butterfly kiss.


you’re a dent de lion,

a keen lion’s tooth.

our covenant was fake, now

please give me back my truth.

Art by Jia Yi (Jenny) Pan '22