Replay #53

Grace Thompson '22

God it’s so good. 

I could die from music like this.

I could die from art like this. 

It’s so beautiful and powerful it makes my soul quiver.

Not in fear but because the energy of a symphony is flowing through my veins right now.


The violins string a subtle note of fear in my bones.

The drums provide the heartbeat of adrenaline. 

The bass gives the increasing pressure of panic in my skull.

The cymbals are the constant ringing of power coursing through my feet.

And the vocals.

The vocals are an operatic scream of pain, anger, desperation and vigor.

God it’s so good.


There are so many times these days when I hate humanity. 

We’re a species full of the capability for violence, hatred and fear against innocence

Our world thrives on brutality in such a way I have a hard time dealing with our existence

But then I listen to music.


Then I listen to music and I think,

Maybe it’s not so bad to be alive.

Because if I get to experience music like this,

If I get to experience art like this,

The type that makes your soul quiver,

Your brain buzz

And the type that draws the very primal voice of your heart into reality.

Well I figure that’s something to live for.