Isabella Wang '24

Try to breathe, revitalize.

In a world of darker dark and grayer gray,

See the world with unclosed eyes.


Smoke and smog, a world that dies,

Has light itself passed away?

Try to breathe, revitalize.


Water murky and obscure, life that’s charcoal fried.

Sometimes the air seems as if opaque,

See the world with unclosed eyes.


You owe it to a prior time, when people knew not to defy--

To go back before, return to brighter days

Try to breathe, revitalize


And birds aren’t born since nothing flies,

And wings are lost from those who stay

See the world with unclosed eyes


But you are now, not time ago, holding power to revivify--

Think of greener green and bluer blue, a world without decay.

Breathe in, out, revitalize.

See the world, don’t close your eyes.

Art by Dora Lin '23