the meadows of stars

Inspired by The Firefly, painting by Karl Anderson

Mercuri Lam '24


in a field of meadows

thistles and brushes


under your hooves


the sky


with colors of jewels from

fantastical lands far away

all now placed in front of you;

I wonder

do you see them?


fireflies surround you;

tiny planets orbiting a large star

you seem not to notice,

but I caught one in my hand

and its brightness brought me

something I have never felt


is that hope?


I wept

for the world is loveless and full of hurt

for all that is beautiful will someday fade

but you seem not to notice


your glassy eyes


still filled with awe

for a world that has no darkness

a feeling no longer familiar

to me


I look up to the twilight

and look back at you

and I see

the innocent eyes of a child

whose heart has not been stained

by the cruelties of this world

Art by Ella Xue '23