Sofia Mansilla '23

The smile caught my eye

Twisted my mind and replied

With great humor and cry


I told you almost everything

From mornings, evenings and rains


Another laugh and I might cry

Another lie and I might die

Another smile and I might shy


I ran seven miles of pain

To reach the end of this game

For you to tell me that we're a lie

To find out that we were not fine


But tomorrow is a good day

To let my fear go away

To restart my letters again

Come out of the darkness and pain


I’m finally moving away


I'm saying goodbye to that love


It takes more than time

To finally get to the line

To finally say my goodbyes


I'm breaking free from this play

Dancing in the light of the day


Shining in the the midst of the paint

Looking like a hilarious saint

Art by Helen Shen '23