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A collection of The Loom 's online editions throughout the years, starting with our first-ever online publication in 2017. We publish biannually: our winter editions have specific themes that were voted upon by our staff, and our spring edition features a plethora of topics.

Spring 2022

"And yet, could it be so perfect? Are we

two souls entwined as one, destined to love before birth, 

our fate sealed by the omniscient heavens,

prescribing us to a life of perfect idleness, eternal wealth and grace,

characterized by the clink of a cocktail class, the ease of our eloquence,

the luxurious silk of your dress, the unmarred leather of my shoes—"

Unabashed Faultlessness by Ella Xue '23

Art by Nessa Tang '24

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 1.35_edited.jpg

"it's life in an instant

it’s the universe coalesced into a single point

it's happiness

it's humanity

it's art.

live for this, because what else could compare?"

Signs of Life by Nandini Ramanathan '23

Art by Ella Xue '23

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Untitled by Olivia Zoga '21

Art by Sofia Mansilla '23

"take your organs back.

do something forbidden.

touch the shell walling in each fragile pump of your heart

and let your fingers press against its surface,

hard and steady.

hold them there until you can feel a crack.

fear the sound, the sensation

of letting yourself get out of hand,

and then keep going."

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 9.08_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 9.04_edited.jpg

'Isa looks at me.

“What’s wrong?”

She asks.

“A lot,” I say.

A lot, is wrong.

But Isa doesn’t care

About that.

She presses her hand

Against the plexiglass

As if there is


Stronger than division

And whispers to me

With a twinkle in her eye,

“What’s right?”'

The Thing About Blueberries by Eva Evans '21

Art by Aidan Cooper '22

Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 4.17_edited.jpg

"the world ended here

when we missed the turn the first time

and the splintered gate, the dark road

under the sky, hazy

the cicadas screaming in the trees as we heard

the drifting smoke and voices

screen door ajar, letting them in,

the mosquitoes, I mean, and everyone..."

house party on a summer night by Eleanor Peters '20

Art by Joy Liu '21

Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 4.17_edited.jpg
IMG_1680 (1)_JPG.webp

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"She joined the stars that day; her heart gave out.

My first thought when I learned the news: I wish I had forced more sweets on her only a few hours ago.

They held a service for her; they offered food and refreshments after. I left, walked as far enough away as I knew I could return from, and screamed.

I couldn’t talk for three days after the funeral."


Every time I see the moon I think of her mother and how none of the other moms can look her in the eye come Mother's Day. And every night I close my eyes so tight it hurts until I can gather my own stars behind my eyelids. I name them."

Asterism by Isabel Ruppel '21

Art by Alejandro Rincón '21

    "—what I am afraid of is reality bruising into my skin, my brain, and my innocence, like claws sinking into delicate flesh.

    What have I done? I have awakened the demon inside. I am no longer the canvas but the instrument that she will use for inflicting pain upon the corrupt minds of those responsible for sinful deeds.

     I close my eyes, waiting for something to happen.


    There’s only my darkness, my stranger."

My Darkness, My Stranger by Jia Yi (Jenny) Pan '22

Art by Ashley Chung '19

Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 9.34_edited.jpg

"poets don’t write from the heart poets write

from the scars on their fingertips

they write from the swing of their loose hips

poets do not write from their heart.

they write from the blood seared open skin in the dark

they write from an old home movie during their favorite part

poets write with anything but their hearts."

Untitled, Alex Gray '19

Art by Christina Stone '20

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