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Art by Lucia Zhang '25

Anna Lee Geoghan '24

"Productivity is water, slipping between cracks and crevices of open palms"

Alicia Tay '27

"dark tendrils of night creep into sight"

Emanuelle Marcus '26

"We have to go save the world"

Cathy Zhang '26

"I still think about you."

Julia Liu '26

"i bled my sorrows onto paper instead people"

Brigham Cooper '24

"how you ruined halloween for me"

Isabella Wang '24

"we'll have lived a fairytale worth retelling."

Jason Chen '24

"sometimes i dream myself a rabid dog"

Danny Edgehille '24 & Eli Velepec '24

"comfort    pleasure    satisfaction    murderer"

Ria An '27

Lisa Pang '27

"Why would my heroism fail me"

Kevin (Jiakun) Zhai '24


"An example is stifling all the real."

Destiny Pond '24

"Or are you going to be, like everyone else, a failed lab experiment?"


Anna Lee Geoghan '24

"A little black cat is trying a butterfly in a wildflower field"

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