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Dylan Balise '23

Victoria Amador '25

"i apologize i do not know your mind 

i see the skin, your bones define 

but i do not truly see you, you are just mine."

"Too much when I forget—choose—to unsmother my too

        warm corpse with racing thoughts.

My surname’s still in a noose, I am

An orphan nevertheless."

Charlie Bourne '23

"An easy life was never something I

expected, but as I gaze past

the half-built bridge to the mountains

beyond the city, I pray now

that I’ll be given some relief."

Jason Chen '24

"he harks as if the mockingbirds sing secrets untold

he reads as if the stories span a hundred years old

with steady finger tips, with brightest ever smile…"

Art by Sofia Mansilla '23

Christine Wu - Memories and Mind Loom Submission 1.png

Art by Christine Wu '25

Brigham Cooper '24

"my fingers stick like glue

i can't

let go

of you."

Andrew Dao '24

"Mind and body, are there any distinctions?

Philosophers, since time immemorial, have struggled with this question."

Katie Fullerton '24

"You tried to hide your eyes with dark glasses 

But trees can’t hide their leaves 

How can you hide when I cry, cry, and cry for you? 

You can’t hide me, can you?"

Moslima Hassani '24

"I wish memories could die,

I hope I could slaughter any memory that haunts me still"

Emily Khym '23

       "We delved into each other's presence, so fragile, so fractured.

White rose petals wept into our embrace, a final attempt of goodbye."

Mercuri Lam '24

"I see his back when my eyes close: his hands,

swiftly ripping szechuan peppers from stem..."

Xiyuan(Dora) Lin '23

Talia Lee '25

"Life can be more than war

It can be a chance to recognize

Our purpose and reason to be living"

"Gaunt figure swaying in the wind,

Her eyes were no longer obsidian,

Idly she laid..."

Sofia Mansilla '23

"Nothing more like rough spaghetti,

4D spirochaetes, no, rounded filaments

Of your last vivid brain parts"

Seth Sukboontip '23

Art by Xiyuan(Dora) Lin '23

"Reminiscing the time

when they lay in the open pasture,

free from the blood drenched water."

Eric Sun '23

"Foolish conceit. It grew and swole, then began to throb and ring deafeningly within my skull." 

Isabella Wang '24

"I forgive the midnight train, because I remember

the softness of the seats, and how I slept

against its cushioned shoulders, leant on its side,

and let the sound of its wheels on the tracks lull me to sleep."

Ella Xue '23

"years later, our adventures 

      will drown a thousand times over, 

                  only to resurface as memories."

Art by Julia Liu '26

Ella Xue '23

"petals fall apart,

stray from roots; souls water-washed

down a stream of time."

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