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Arthur Beaugeard '23

"Feels like I’ve been waiting a million years. Feels like the worlds slipped by. If I could just get a stab at it…if I could just run up the side and be lost forever in its darkness…"

Alli Benthien '23

"I wonder if anyone heard them break the water’s choppy surface. I wonder if the yellow moon saw it all happen. How long did they fight the waves? 21 hours, or 26 seconds."

Serena Kim '23

"Maybe all we wanted was an excuse to escape the present. Oceans apart, I’d trade anything to hear her laugh: that tittering and jiggling that shimmered in the air like salt."

Art by Z Santilli '23

Art by Ella Xue '23

Emanuelle Marcus '26

"…looking seeking finding the smallest possible mistake and fixing it, preparing my script for the next day over and over and over again, I can’t stop."

Emanuelle Marcus '26

"Everything is a bit off, a dry imitation of what it should be. At the centre, a psyche constantly at a loss for words and yet overrun at the same time."

Chinelo Osakwe '23

"When I arrived outside someone’s home, I contemplated running away. Man would be a fool not to consider."

Nandini Ramanathan '23

"Beethoven Opus 131. C-sharp minor. Terrible key, C-sharp minor, but so beautiful. She’d played in it once, perhaps, or maybe not. Time was leaving again. It always did."

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