Fall 2020


The Loom


Joy Liu '21


Julie Chung '21


He was, as many knowledgeable scientists put it, a piece of art.

What A Wonderful World

Gautham Narendar '23

Beneath a dying sky, beneath a dying city, the voice of a man long-dead sings, and the fingers of a man long-dead strum a guitar.

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 8.58.46 PM.png

Iris Wen '24

A Reflection on the Color Blue

Olivia Zoga '21


She has not seen blue for months. The color has been washed out of the sky, out of the ground, out of the murky puddles that run along her feet.


Isabel Ruppel '21


I’m writing to you because I broke up with that artist friend of yours.

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 7.17.34 PM.png

Dora Lin '23


Arthur Beaugeard '23


There I was: standing on the street, leaping, shouting, screaming with joy because I had a lottery ticket worth 50 gazillion dollars in my hip pocket.

Somewhere in Between, Like All Things…

Michelle Liu '23


I stand, holding a small bucket and caked with sand, before an enthralling mass of blue.



Kirsten Lees '23


Ella Xue '23

Crossing out the words, he scribbled fervently, pen scratching against the paper.


Chinelo Osakwe '23

I feel so down in the dumps.

Deep in the blues.

These swiggly lines invade the area in my brain intended for good mental health, acting as explanation for why I am the way I am.


Aidan Cooper '22

The Ocean and The Sky

Stephanie Zhang '21


Once upon a time, The Sky was so blue that all the creatures on land and in water were jealous of her beauty.

Coates, Captaincy, and Curriculum: My Educational Journey

Timmy Sullivan '22


I slipped the sky blue and snow white hockey sweater over my shoulder pads, pads that I entrusted my life with, pads that aided my effort to induce pain on the opposition, pads that fit like a glove.