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The Loom

Spring 2023
100 years of creativity

Art by Ellen Chen '25

Editors' Note

Art by Seth Sukboontip '23

Dear readers,

This issue marks the centennial anniversary of the Loom; 100 years of student creativity, artistry, and passion for writing and art. The Loom contributors of the past often seem to be far removed from us, and our modern concerns; yet in so many ways, their works mirror our own. They, like us, dreaded finals week; like us, they worried about college prospects, current events and the future of the world; like us, they were often bashed for producing editions full of writings that left readers more depressed than impressed (we are trying to reverse that trend).

But the Loom has also changed immensely, just as our school has; we now serve a population that is vastly more diverse, in a world that our predecessors could never have imagined, and that has made the publication stronger than ever. We received a record number of submissions this year, of a quality which truly showcases the immense ingenuity present within our community.

We are incredibly proud of the work in this edition; of the hard work that we all, contributors and staff alike, put into the creation of this journal. And we believe that for our future, we can only get better from here.

We wish the best publication on campus another successful 100 years and beyond.

Happy reading,

Xiyuan (Dora) Lin ‘23 & Nandini Ramanathan ‘23

The Loom Editors-in-Chief

Past Issues

Beginning with our 1st online edition in 2017.

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